Monday, February 4, 2013

End of January, a Blog Post!

Happy 2013 fellow riders! Hope everyone has had a stellar start to 2013!

For MTBNJ, January hasn’t been as quiet as you might think.  We’ve been busy planning out our 2013 race season.  If you haven’t marked your calendar yet, here are our races and dates.
3/2: Short Track Race #13/9: Short Track Race #23/16: Short Track Race #33/23: Short Track Race #46/30: Stewart Super Six Pack8/24: Mooch Madness
Registration for the Stewart Super Six Pack is open! We are closing registration at 250, so don’t wait too long and miss out on the fun.
Here’s a video of last year’s Six Pack incase you’re wondering what fun you’ll be missing out on...
We are working out details for the Short Track series - and will update once registration is open and we have confirmed the courses/location.
In other news, we’ve been busy riding, both road and trails.  Some team members will be participating in the Hell of Hunterdon and Battenkill - so putting in miles now.

We remind all riders to choose their riding locations appropriate for the weather conditions.  Keep in mind that warmer temps can cause the trails to become rutted and sloppy.  Help preserve the hard work our volunteers have done to make our trails what they are - choose the road or tow path instead.
That’s it for January - see you next month!