Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mooch Midweek with Iggy

The best way to stick it to the man is to take a day off during the week and go mountain biking.  While everyone else is commuting into work, driving to the trail with your bike on the car feels so uplifting.  Getting up early to ride is so much easier then getting up early for work.   Work would be better if it lasted 2-3 hrs like a bike ride. You could work for an hour eat some gu, drink some water then work for another hour and repeat. When you’re out of gu and water that’s when you go home…simple.

A drizzly damp day on the trails beats a dry day at the office any day. That’s the kind of day it was at Allamuchy when I got together with John Kuhn, Dave Clapp, Ben Tufford and Kirt Mills.  Despite the temps in the upper 30’s and a damp mist from an over night shower we warmed up quickly climbing the hills of mooch north. Unlike the climbs of Round Valley these ascents are rewarding as you pick your line up through technical features. Lots of up and down but the rocks keep it interesting.

Kirt is always our Sherpa on these rides up north. He knows the trails and the lines well, which keeps the pace steady. With the elevation at mooch, 2 hrs. of riding can feel like a 4hr road ride.  The climbs supply a steady amount of interval pace intensity, which can wear you out. It’s the off season so we kept the ride under 2 ½  hrs. We had our fill of sticking it to the man and headed back to the cars…screw the man.

Old Guys Rule

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