Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nittany Cross Weekend in Photos

MTBNJ had a huge gathering of people this weekend at the Trexlertown Veledrome for The Nittany CX Weekend. Good weather and a great course made for a great 2 day event. Words don't really describe these events well; You have to be here to enjoy them. Photos help though:

ChrisRU railing the corners on Day 2. Much drier grass meant much faster race.

The MTBNJ tent in full swing on Day 1. Also doubled as a daycare for some. Base of operations had many special guest appearances.

Norm suffered a bad start at Day 2, but picked his way through the pack for a great finish.

Gotta eat; In between laps in the pits with Pearl and Norm.

Ilya had a messed up chain on Day 2, but finished strong.

Jeremy and Pearl on Day 1 found the way to the main group, but only one finished with it.

Robin and Melissa in the mix.

The CX ladies after the 3/4 race on Day 2.

Allison seemed to be passing someone every lap on both days.

Eric stylin' over the infamous Nittany log feature on Day 2.

Jeremy over the barriers on Day 1.

4'11 and barriers? No problem. Mandi throwing her bike to the moon!

Note the shades; Mandi was in a tight battle the whole race with Michelle Lee; Great racing by both!

ChrisRU, Pearl and Brad on the only real climb of Day 2.
Brad on the run up; With two great finishes over the weekend.

Norm up and over; floating.

The highlight of the day is here, Capers on Day 2 uses his bike as a machete to cut through the competition.

Jeremy touched the podium both days, 2nd on Day 2.

One thing about cross is the whole weekend is a blast. Spending quality time with your buddies after you suffered for 40 minutes is what this whole sport is about. The MTBNJ tent will head south to Baltimore, MD for the second stop in the MAC Series, Charm City. Others will travel north for the Westwood CX race up in Harriman, NY. Where will you be?

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