Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hidden Valley in Our Own Words

Breaking down Hidden Valley, race by race, racer by racer. The day started cold, but we did our best to warm it up fast. First on tap, the old men. Represent!

Master 40+ (8:30 am)

 "I just could not bridge that goddamn gap. When I went to bed that night, I fell asleep 5 seconds from getting to bed. No matter how many times I woke up and tried to crawl into bed, I just never made it. I woke up Monday on the floor." -Norm (4th/23)

 "Startedfrom maybe the 3rd row, was in 10th when we hit the grass.  This was myfirst key for the race:  To improve my start.  I really enjoyed thelog, bunny hopping it allowed me to briefly move into 9th on the first lap. The remainder of the first lap was given to settling in and seeing whatmy motor would give me.  Doug Spitz and Chuck Erndl, the guys I ride withmore than just about anyone, both got by me by the start of the second lap, andthat was that.  No one passed me for the rest of the race.  I kept myhead down and dug, opened a big gap on the rider behind me, and tried to reelin whoever was in front of me.  Second key point:  To maintainposition with consistent effort and good driving.  Finished 12, animprovement over 14th at Morris.  Most of all, it was super-fun, a coolcourse, and lots of good folks.  Thanks to everyone who took the time toencourage me, it’s a huge help." -ChrisG (12th/23)

Woman B (10:29 am)

 "As always, I want to poke my eyes out as I'm racing...hate it. But as soon as I am done, there is a smile on my face." -Robin (3rd/16)

 "I end up crossing the line 6th, my best finish yet. I rode up to the top to give Robin a big hug since I knew she must have had a great result. After that we waited to watch Patty finish who kicked butt on her mountain bike!" -Mandi (6th/16)

"Raced the Hidden Valley on my Mt. bike today. Mission was to get a good workout, have fun and spend time with my team girls. Mission accomplished. Robin picked me up so we had some catch up time together. It was great to spend time w/ her and Mandi. I see why racers get hooked on cx. It's awesome." -Patty (11th/16)

Men B (12:35 pm)

"This is what I love about this sport, every season I meet people who I will know forever, and every race is a reunion of sorts as we are all in a kind of graduating class." -Ilya (3rd/29)

"By the last lap I was feeling like the august version of me again. I had worked my way up and Esnes was either 1 or 2 guy in front of me. I think I had a good shot at catching him...then front tire explosion...yet again. I really have no luck with CX tires. So far I have done 9 CX races and have flatted 4 times. With the mountain bike, I have yet to ever get a flat in a race since 2008." -Utah (18th/29)

Men C (2:30 pm)

"Same race as norms. After the first lap I am passed by one person and that is it. Kind of just ride smooth and keep the pressure on. Never bridge to Anthony or Overlook guy. Finish 7th. Great course. I really enjoy cross and love just about everything it has to offer." -Pearl (7th/40)

"I ended up 10th. Not too bad but if I took any care of my self this week and didnt gourge on shitty food and alcohol I may have been able to make a few more moves. I had a cramp in my side the entire race which i'll contribute to the crap fuel i have been feeding me. " -Jeremy (10th/40)

"This race was a bit disappointing for me. Last weekend I had an awesome race in terrible conditions. Looking back at today though, I probably ended up where I should have. I'm not going to make excuses, stuff happens in races and that's part of the game. Its a bike race, and at the end of the day its about having fun, which I did. Its always a good time being out on my bike, especially now when the only time I get to ride during the daylight is on race days and sometimes Saturdays. Next up is the Westwood double." -ChrisRU (17th/40)

The Team

The top 5 on the day was a pair of 3rds, a 4th, a 6th, and a 7th. Solid, and that should help us keep our spot as #2 in the NJ CX Cup. Looking forward to next week and the Westwood double. Bring it on!

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