Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Is this the most epic weekend of CX in NJ?

When you sit on your patio in July, having maybe your 4th or 5th beer on the last real throw-down of the summer, and think of cross, this is kind of what you have in mind. I say "kind of" because this isn't really what you have in mind. On one hand, it's summer, it's 90 degrees out, and you're drunk. So you're thinking that the easy mid-summer miles are about to end, and you're about to ramp up for the second season, cross season. You think mud, rain and snow, beer and waffles. Maybe not in that order. Maybe not all at once, but that's what you think.

Just...not in October.

With snow (and a shit load of rain) in October, the cross fans were in for a treat. For anyone who was out at Beacon or HPCX, hats off to you. For anyone who was out at both, you may want to check your head. Without question this was an epic weekend. Yes, I said epic.If you were there, you'd know. If you weren't, you should have been. As you sit here and read this, you're safe and warm, just like I am. Point is, you get over it.


I wasn't at Beacon this week, but a few team members headed down. We heard tales of a 5 hour drive back in the crazy storm that hit us. Amputated toes, frozen fingers, sideways rain, foot deep puddles and long stretches of sand set the stage for an incredible event. I haven't found many pictures, as 38 degrees, windy and rainy are not ideal photography conditions. I will take everyone elses word for how crazy of a day it was. By all accounts, it was crazy. Fred summed it up in 1 word: Miserable. He later added stuff like: incredible, amazing, epic, and "crap my shower broke."


Sherry Shapiro - 15th/19 (cat 3/4 women)
Fred Brown - 27th/40 (UCI elite men)
Maurice Gamanho - 2nd/37 (master men 35+)
Ben - DNF (master men 35+)


On Sunday, the snow in Jamesburg quickly turned from 2-3 inches of a hard, crusty surface to soupy, peanut butter deliciousness. After that it got downright stupid, in an awesome way. While a fair bit of New Jersey was without power due to the heavy snow, people decided not to sit in their houses and instead came out to play anyway. The turnout was huge, the day was beautiful, and there was money in the mud before too long. All was good at HPCX.

Mandi battling Melissa atop the short run up.

Freds mud bath, complete.

Ilya through the goop.

The Killer B's. Chaos.


Chris Ruiz - 16th/65 (men C)
James Pearl -30th/65 (men C)
Eric Capers - 31st/65 (men C)
Chris Gozick - 15th/30 (45+ men)
Mandi Tabbit - 18th/25 (cat 3/4 women)
Maurice Gamanho - 2nd/43 (master men 35+)
Norm Zurawski - 25th/43 (master men 35+)
Fred Brown - 19th/32 (UCI elite men)
Ilya Cantor - 17th/64 (cat 2/3/4 men aka the Killer Bs)

Stay tuned, as there was apparently 17 inches of snow up at Hidden Valley this weekend.

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