Monday, November 7, 2011

Ramwood/Ringapo Extravaganza

Cast of Characters

Chris B (Iggy), Chris S (26er), Dave & John (Igg's pals), The Falcon (Rob P), and me (Woody).

The Plan

Beats the hell out of me!...I caught a rumor that Upper Skyline at 8am was The Place to Be.

The Weather


What a great day to be out riding…Temps were in the 30's to start, but a blazing sun made it feel downright toasty while gearing up in the lot.

We warmed up so quickly that Iggy decided to take a swim in the first creek crossing about 5 minutes into the ride. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the camera out in time.

It got up to around 55 degrees and the sky was Disney Cartoon Blue.

The Ride

(I can never remember the names of the trails up there, so I’ll channel The Falcon here)
We started at the upper Skyline lot, took Red to Yellow to Green to New Red into Ringwood. Then we hit Renegade, up Warm Puppy to Skylands and a bunch of the race course, took Green down into Bear Swamp, and then Cannonball back to the lot.

These trails serve up a kick-ass combination of techy challenge and crazy-fun flow. New Red is just amazing! I can’t imagine how many hours went into building that trail – an insane amount of bench cutting and rock work – huge props go out to all involved in that effort.

Our pace was pretty hot while we were moving, but there were lots of stops to clear deadfall.

26er was having some drivetrain and braking issues, but the Bike Doctor got him squared away lickity split.

And, of course, no Ringwood/Ramapo ride would be complete without some hike-a-bike.

All in all, a great ride, an awesome day to be out playing in the woods, and a real fun time hangin with the boys!

Resizeable pics and more of 'em here:

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